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Etched Glass Design offers a range of professional glass etching services. Click on the links below for a description of the services we provide or contact us for further information...


Designing and etching glass panels for windows, doors, mirrors and screens for both commercial and private premises is an integral part of Etched Glass Design. These commissioned works are collaboration with the client or interior designer from the design concept, to the etching process and installation.


Etched Glass Design can personalize glassware for a special occasion like a wedding, birthday or anniversary by etching the theme, monogram or design together with the relevant text on wine, champagne, beer or whisky glasses to commemorate the occasion. For a wedding the personalized glassware may be for the wedding party, Bonbonniere or in the form of a gift like a vase or slumped glass plate for the Bride and Groom with their names and date etched on it.

For giftware with a uniquely Western Australian flavour both in design and glassware, Etched Glass Design has incorporated locally made products like slumped glass plates, glass coasters with their jarrah stands and sun catchers into this range which also includes glasses, vases, candleholders, jugs water bottles and other glassware. The designs on the glassware are all original and hand etched. This giftware range has found its place within Australia and overseas.

Corporate Giftware

For a corporate occasion like a conference, milestone celebration, sponsorship or farewell presentation or as merchandise for school or event, Etched Glass Design can etch your logo or crest with the relevant text on a selection of glassware. The glassware generally ranges from wine, champagne, beer, or whisky glasses to decanters, glass coasters, vases, penholders and paperweights.


Glass trophies or other selected glassware can be etched with the logo and sponsorship details for presentation at a sporting event or award ceremony.

Art Pieces

Artist, Lois Hewson- Brown has etched original and detailed multi stage designs on slumped glass plates, vases and mirrors. These pieces are all signed. They are often purchased by individuals or businesses for ornamental display. Some art pieces have also been commissioned works particularly in the form of fixed glass panels as seen in the architectural gallery.

Custom Etching

Etched Glass Design can etch glass to a client’s design brief from large architectural commissions to logos on corporate giftware.

Original Design

Original design is a fundamental aspect of Etched Glass Design. This body of work is substantial and allows us to provide an extensive portfolio of ideas for clients.

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